Leadership Elections

Thank you for visiting the 2021 Leadership Elections page. The 2021 Leadership Elections are now closed, and results will be announced at the General Assembly during WCN’21.

Elections open 9 am ET on February 1 and close 5 pm ET on March 3, 2021

I invite you to review the vision, mission and value statement of the ISN, and read the short bios/CVs and statements of all candidates. Prepare to vote for the best candidates to lead the ISN when voting opens.

The election results will be announced at the Annual General Assembly during the Virtual World Congress of Nephrology 2021. There, the ISN President and Regional Board Chairs and Deputy Chairs will start their term as the voting members of the 2021-23 ISN Council, the governing body and legal trustee of the ISN, until WCN’23.

Thank you for considering each candidate on merit, for the vision and values they embody, and exercising your right to vote.

Best wishes,

Carol Pollock
Chair, ISN Nominating Committee

Voting will take place from 1 February until 3 March 2021.

During this time simply: · login to your MYISN account at www.theisn.org

  • click on the “Vote Now” button on the MYISN dashboard to access the voting platform managed by our elections partner YesElection
  • read the ISN President-Elect and your region’s Regional Board Deputy Chair/Councillor candidates’ profiles and statements
  • cast one vote for President-Elect and one vote for Regional Board Deputy Chair/Councillor

We will send instructions to ISN voting members when the elections officially open.

Make sure your membership is up to date so you can vote. Renew online here. If you have questions about your membership please contact the membership team

For questions about the election process please contact Dominique Tudor

President-Elect candidates *

* all ISN voting members can vote for the ISN President-Elect

Regional Board Deputy Chair/Councillor candidates **

** ISN voting members can vote only for their ISN region’s Regional Board Deputy Chair/Councillor

ISN Leadership is made up of a number of core groups. Please see short descriptions of each of these groups below, as described in the ISN Bylaws.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee works alongside the ISN Council to define and lead the organization’s vision, mission, and values, focusing on long-term strategies to ensure successful and sustainable outcomes.

Our current Executive Committee consists of 9 members, including the ISN Executive Director who sits on the Committee as an ex officio member.

Meet the current members of the Executive Committee (2019-21) here.


The Council is composed of Regional Board Chairs and Deputy Chairs from each of the 10 ISN regions. It works alongside the Executive Committee to determine effective policies, strategy, and governance to carry out ISN’s mission.

Our current Council consists of 21 members – the President and the Chair and Deputy Chair of each of the ISN Regional Boards (10 Regional Boards in total).

Meet the current members of the Council (2019-21) here.

Regional Boards

The ISN has established 10 Regional Boards to monitor and report on ISN activities across the globe and build relationships with affiliated societies. The Regional Boards representing the 10 ISN regions are:

ISN members are designated to an ISN region by virtue of their country of residence.