Hydration For Kidney Health Research Initiative

The ISN teamed up with Danone Nutricia Research to create the ISN Hydration For Kidney Health (H4KH) Research Initiative to stimulate the interest of new and established researchers to explore the role of hydration in kidney health.

The ISN Hydration For Kidney Health Research Initiative aimed to:

  • Enhance awareness and knowledge of the effects of hydration on kidney health.
  • Expand scientific evidence on the effects of hydration on kidney health.
  • Support young investigators focusing on the prevention of chronic kidney diseases.
  • Engage researchers in the development of transdisciplinary research networks.
  • Create ongoing momentum to support research on the effects of hydration on kidney health.

2015 Hydration and Kidney Health Grant

Sofia Enhörning
Skåne University Hospital, Malmö, Sweden

Project: Plasma copeptin as a predictor of, and copeptin associated loci in, cardiorenal disease – population-based prospective cohort studies and a mendelian randomization approach.

2015 New Investigator Grant

Fabiana Nerbass
Instituto de Educação Luterana de Santa Catarina, Joinville, Brazil

Project: Kidney health in Brazilian industrial workers exposed to heat stress and dehydration.

2018 New Investigator Grant

Angie Aguilar-González
FUNDANIER (Fundación para el Niño Enfermo Renal), Guatemala City, Guatemala

Project: Hydration Patterns and Renal Function Markers in Guatemalan Children and Adolescents in an Area with High Incidence of Renal Disease of Unknown Cause.

Dr. Angie Aguilar-González spent 12 months working at the Kidney Clinical Research Unit in London, Ontario (Canada). She gained skills in clinical research and statistical analysis, working on research projects related to hydration for kidney health and building an infrastructure to support further research in hydration. Her research was presented at the World Congress of Nephrology 2017.

2018 Hydration and Kidney Health Grant

Sandra Wagner
INSERM (Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale), Paris, France

Project: Association of water intake with osmolarity and renal outcome in patients with CKD stage 3-4. The French CKD-REIN Cohort study.

ISN-H4KH Fellowship

Amarasiri de Silva
University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Dr. de Silva worked with the Hydration and Health Department and other scientific networks to expand the level of evidence and awareness on the impact of hydration and kidney health. He investigated the possibilities of applying the science of hydration to disease prevention and public health policies.

For all inquiries on the Hydration Research Initiative, please contact the ISN Research Team at research@theisn.org