Cohort Studies (iNET-CKD)

Share your research expertise with the global nephrology community.

The ISN International Network of Chronic Kidney Disease cohort studies (iNET-CKD) is an international network of existing, independently funded Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) cohort studies. Such collaboration between observational cohort studies in CKD investigators facilitates the understanding of CKD progression and its consequences.

  • Promote and enhance research opportunities using patient-level data and bio-samples to understand CKD progression and outcomes;
  • Improve research capacity around the world through education, especially to carry out observational cohort studies; and
  • Help investigators establish CKD cohort studies.

iNET-CKD Membership Eligibility criteria

Full membership

Inclusion Criteria

  1. Observational studies of CKD
      • based on a priori hypotheses and study objectives
      • study individuals with CKD
      • collect longitudinal data prospectively
      • examine a broad spectrum of CKD-related health outcomes
      • collect and analyze bio-samples
  1. sample size >1000 in adult studies and >300 in pediatric studies
  2. duration of follow up >3 years

Exclusion Criteria

  • Kidney failure cohorts
  • General population cohorts
  • Randomized controlled trials
  • Clinical databases

Affiliate Membership

iNET-CKD focuses on prospective observational studies of pre-dialysis CKD patients. Affiliate member studies, such as regional registries of CKD patients, or well-designed cohort studies that do not meet all the inclusion criteria, may also be considered for inclusion in some cases.

The iNET-CKD Core Group makes the final decision regarding the inclusion of affiliate member studies.

Affiliate Member Cohort Studies are not eligible to serve on the Core Group.

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iNET-CKD Authorship Policy

The purpose of the authorship policy is to encourage and facilitate the presentation of iNET-CKD analyses while providing guidelines to ensure equitable access to authorship and adherence to established principles of authorship.

This policy applies to iNET-CKD authors, defined as individuals affiliated with cohorts who are members of the iNET-CKD.

iNET-CKD Publication

A collaborative, individual-level analysis compared longitudinal outcomes across the International Network of Chronic Kidney Disease (iNET-CKD) cohorts.

iNET-CKD Publication

Considerable international variation exists in blood pressure control and antihypertensive prescription patterns in chronic kidney disease.

iNET-CKD Members