Clinical Trials (ISN-ACT)

The ISN-Advancing Clinical Trials (ISN-ACT) is an ISN initiative to encourage existing infrastructures within ISN to improve the global nephrology community’s participation in clinical trial research.

ISN-ACT calls on investigators and interested individuals to join the initiative to generate more high-quality clinical trials and studies in nephrology, informing the optimal prevention and treatment of kidney disease and its complications for the benefit of patients.

The ISN calls on members to help grow the capacity of the global nephrology community to lead and participate in clinical trials, by contributing, collaborating, and sharing experience.

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    • Facilitate collaboration by connecting people undertaking clinical trials and related studies in nephrology.
    • Provide a forum to discuss key scientific, operational, and analytical issues facing clinical trial researchers in kidney disease.

  • Increase the capacity to conduct high-quality clinical trials and studies in nephrology through ISN training and by connecting experienced and novice researchers.
  • Develop ISN led or supported activities that help standardize high-quality trial conduct in nephrology.

ISN-ACT Global Trials Focus (GTF)

The ISN-ACT Global Trials Focus is a monthly list identifying and summarizing recent interesting trials relevant to kidney disease.

View previous GTFs, the Trial of the Month in other languages and the GTF on the ISN Academy e-learning platform here.