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On March 13, 2014 start the day with a glass of water

On March 13th this year, we invite you all to celebrate World Kidney Day by starting your day with a glass of water.

We would like to have as many people as possible around the world drinking a glass of water to think about their kidneys on this very special day.

Why a glass of water? Because kidneys don’t function without water. Drinking water can help keep kidneys healthy, although it will not cure kidney disease. The glass of water is a conversation starter to talk about how to prevent kidney disease. We rely on you to spread the word amongst the whole kidney community, your friends, colleagues and relatives.

It is easy to help us. If you are organizing a special activity or event on the occasion of World Kidney Day, make sure that all your participants get their glass of water:

  • Have a glass of water ready for your guests, and take this opportunity to inform them about the importance of their kidneys. Don’t forget to display and distribute the campaign material (posters and leaflets available on World Kidney Day website)
  • If you know some, help us engage highly visible local public spokespersons (politicians, artists, journalists, TV presenters, professors/teachers, CEOs, etc) to become advocates of the campaign and bring life to the “call to action”. Ask them to drink a glass of water before any public intervention and encourage people to check their kidneys if they are at risk

Last but not least, display your involvement. Tell us how you celebrated World Kidney Day and help us find out how many glasses of water have been drunk all over the world:

  • Take a picture of you or your family or your guests drinking water
  • Tweet it @worldkidneyday with the message: “@worldkidneyday I take care of my kidneys, I drink a #glassofwaterDo you think about your kidneys? #isupportwkd.”
  • Share it on our Facebook page. Don’t forget to use #glassofwater and #isupportwkd
  • Ask your friends, relatives, visitors and/or colleagues to do the same. If you know some local celebrities, ask them to do the same.

We strongly rely on you to help us make this day a success. Spread the word and join the World Kidney Day Community at

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