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CME in Benin led by ISN Educational Ambassador

A course on nephrotic syndrome was held in Cotonou and Parakou in Benin. It was developed thanks to a longstanding partnership between the Hospital Saint Jean de Dieu and ISN Educational Ambassador Giovanni Battista Fogazzi.

The course was addressed to all medical professionals, who have to deal with nephrotic patients such as general practitioners/internists, pediatricians, diabetologists, gynecologists, fellows/residents and medical students.

The aim of the course was to report on physiopathology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment of nephrotic syndrome. For the two last aspects, special attention was paid to the diagnostic tools and drugs available locally in order to recommend their use at its best.

The course was also the occasion to distribute copies of the supplement to Kidney International on the KDIGO Guidelines Glomerulonephritis.

About the outcome of the course, Fogazzi says: “Thanks to the support of Sanofi, we had an unexpectedly high number of participants, most of whom were general doctors, and pediatricians. Quite importantly, we also had a good number of residents and medical students.”

All the presentations stressed the practical points and looked at local issues in particular.The course was instrumental in improving the management of the patients with nephrotic syndrome in the country.

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