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ISN Council elections: Meet candidates from Mediterranean Europe and the Middle East

In the run up to the ISN Council elections, we will introduce the different candidates who you can vote for. You can cast your vote between February 1st and March 3rd, 2017. Over the next month, you will receive your unique and secure link to access the voting system. These are the statements from candidates in Mediterranean Europe and the Middle East.

The ISN Council is the governing body and the legal trustee of the Society. Its composition reflects the various disciplines and geographic diversities that make up ISN. All members of ISN have the chance to cast their vote and change the way the ISN Council will look in the next term. In the meantime, before making your choice, read the guide to the elections, HERE.

Make sure your membership is up to date so you can vote. Renew your membership online HERE. If your email address has changed, please notify:

This is the list of candidates for the regions of Mediterranean Europe and the Middle East with their statements.

Mediterranean Europe

Rosanna Coppo, Fondazione Ricerca Molinette in Turin, Italy

‘The ISN mission covers some areas in which I would be glad to contribute. The Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program has been one of my priorities: I started the organization of CME in the ERA-EDTA in 2003 and I was awarded in 2016 for the results achieved. I have relevant experience as CME courses organizer and as teacher and trainer of young nephrologists in Europe and in the ISN and IPNA programs. This background could be useful in bridging the education of nephrologists who take care of adults and children in continents with different scientific and socio-economic environments.

My experience may be beneficial to the Sister Center Program, in which I have contributed as teacher and promoter, and to the Fellowship Program. My professional contacts within the IPNA and the ERA-EDTA could facilitate and strengthen ISN liaisons with these Societies at multiple levels. I am a rather active person, who could serve the ISN Council where needed.’

Batya Kristal, Nephrology and Hypertension Division at Nahariya’s Galilee Medical Center, Israel

‘In my hospital in the Upper Galilee, 60% of the patients are Druse and Arabs of different religions, and 40% Jews. The medical and nursing staff is similarly heterogeneous and the Hospital Director is a Christian Arab. The working environment is conspicuously harmonious. On a humanitarian basis, the hospital receives about 250 victims of the Syrian war daily and return to Syria in close secrecy. If elected, I would strive to increase contact between nephrologists and other professionals in surrounding countries, utilizing ISN support to encompass bilateral meetings, courses, consultations and training in nephrology skills. Given goodwill on both sides and ISN encouragement much could be accomplished to normalize current nonproductive relationships. It is vital to attempt such efforts. As a member of the Palestinian and Israeli Renal Society, the first cross-border medical association, I truly believe that there is no border between medical professionals and success here would be meaningful.’

Norberto Perico, Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research in Bergamo, Italy

‘There are two objectives I would like to accomplish as an ISN Councilor for the Mediterranean Europe Region. Inside our Region, my will is to further promote the two main global activities of the ISN, namely i)encouraging collection of robust epidemiologic data about acute kidney injury (AKI) and its outcomes as part of the global AKI 0by25 project; ii) raising awareness and actively supporting all projects related to the ISN CKD Closing the Gaps initiative.

Outside our Region, I wish to implement the effort for further improving the relationship with nephrology centers of the Mediterranean areas of Africa as well as of the Middle East, eventually promoting the idea of ”Adopt a Neighbouring Centre” aimed to strengthen educational programs and clinical research focusing on their unmet needs.’

Middle East

Mohamed Ghnaimat, Royal Medical Services Jordan, King Hussein Medical Center

‘In my 25 years practicing as a clinical nephrologist, I have been fortunate to serve as a member and in leadership roles in numerous local, regional, and international nephrology societies. I have helped create and implement educational and clinical pathways, to help improve the quality of healthcare in our region. I have enjoyed active membership in the ISN for 5 years, and currently sit as Co-Chair of the ISN Middle East Regional Board as well as a member of the ISN Continuing Medical Education and ISN Clinical ResearchPrograms. It would be an honor, and a privilege, to further serve the mission of the ISN in our underdeveloped and underserved region of the world by further implementing the ISN policies and procedures in our area, through working closely with the different ISN committees, in the hope of decreasing the burden of kidney disease. I strongly feel the experience I have gained in leadership roles in other venues make me an asset to our patients, the ISN, and towards the advancement of the ISN’s goals.’

Shahrzad Ossareh, Division of Nephrology, Iran University of Medical Science (IUMS)

‘I am very honored to be nominated for the ISN Council 2017 elections and hopeful to be elected as a representative of all Middle East countries in ISN Council, from a country with more than 320 nephrologists and a strong Nephrology and Transplantation practice during the past decades. I wish to be able to accomplish the ISN goals including exchange of science and providing education in the form of organized meetings/workshops especially in the Middle East region and neighbouring countries and take part in the scheduled ISN Committees in alignment with the ISN mission towards the elimination of kidney disease worldwide, through promoting the global advancement of nephrology. I believe that my election will be also in line with the ISN commitment to “diversity” in nominations and positions.’


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