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ISN H4KH Fellow visits Danone Nutricia Research Center

Thanks to his ISN Hydration for Kidney Health (H4KH) Fellowship, Amarasiri De Silva spent several days at the Danone Nutricia Research Center in France. It was a valuable and unique opportunity to meet other researchers and share his work on chronic kidney disease of unknown origin in Sri Lanka.

As partners, Danone Nutricia Research and the ISN have collaborated to create the ISN H4KH Research Initiative to stimulate the interest of established and new researchers to explore the role of hydration in kidney health.

Based at the University of Pittsburgh, Amarasiri De Silva was selected for the ISN H4KH Fellowship Program to work with the Hydration and Health Department at the Danone Nutricia Research Center and other external scientific networks to expand the level of evidence and awareness on the impact of drinking water and kidney health.

Hydration science is the specialty of the Hydration and Health Department in France. With this visit, Amarasiri gained an overview of the work and research of employees at Danone Nutricia Research, which focuses on water, essential dairy and plant-based baby nutrition and medical nutrition.

He says: ‘My visit gave me immense information on the work I am doing as part of my fellowship. I could establish contacts with everyone at Danone Research. I was able to introduce the topic of my research to Danone Research scientists.’

Amarasiri De Silva’s research delves into the knowledge, risk factors and perceived symptoms of chronic kidney disease of unknown origin in Sri Lanka.

One of the important benefits of the ISN H4KH Research Initiative expertise is the access it gives to the Danone Research team members and the work they carry out on various topics including hydration physiology and biomarkers, hydration in children, liquid intakes tracking, sensory and behavior science, social business and more.

Amarasiri adds: ‘I was also introduced to the online course on the functioning of the kidney and had several face-to-face meetings that helped me understand the important aspects of each work, as well as the importance of my study.’

Find out about the ISN H4KH Research Initiative.

The next Hydration for Health (H4H) conference organized by Danone Research will be held on June 25 and 26, 2019 in Evian.

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