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Fellowship and Clinical Research Program awards handed out at WCN 2019

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Clinical Research and Fellowship Program awards! Both of these awards were sponsored by the Japanese Society of Nephrology (JSN). Many thanks to JSN for its support and helping us reward these ISN members for their achievements in the field of nephrology.

The ISN Clinical Research Program supports research and education programs in low-to-middle income countries, involving local nephrologists, health workers and authorities. This program helps implement research projects to detect and manage non-communicable chronic diseases such as chronic kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Clinical Research Program awards 2019

1st prize: Ningning Wang (China)

Abstract: ‘Effects Of Parathyroidectomy On Nocturnal Non-Dipping Heart Rate In Stage 5 CKD Patients.’

2nd prize: Eranga Wijewickrama (Sri Lanka)

Abstract: ‘Prevalence Of Chronic Kidney Disease And Its Association With Exposure To Heavy Metals And Other Environmental Toxins In A Rural Population In Sri Lanka.’

3rd prize: Nattachai Srisawat (Thailand)

Abstract: “The Epidemiology And Characteristics Of Acute Kidney Injury In The Intensive Care Unit In Resource Limited Settings: A Prospective Multicenter Study”.

The ISN Fellowship Program provides relevant and contemporary nephrology training to physicians from emerging countries, with the ultimate goal of improving the standards of care in the Fellows’ home countries upon their return and to help them become leaders in their field.

Fellowship Program awards 2019

1st prize: Victorine Nzana (Cameroon)
Abstract: ‘Diagnostic Performance Of Salivary Urea Nitrogen Dipsticks In The Detection Of Chronic Kidney Disease Stages 3-5 In Cameroonian Patients With Diabetes Mellitus.’

2nd prize: Sukanya Govindan (India)
Abstract: ‘Beta-3-Integrin Staining In Kidney Biopsy And Correlation With Response To Calcineurin Inhibitors In Steroid Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome.’

3rd prize: Maisarah Jalalonmuhali (Malaysia)
Abstract: ‘Serum Free Light Chain As Surrogate Marker For Renal Activity In Lupus Nephritis.’

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