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Kidney transplantation in Kazakhstan – rising to the challenge

Scientific Research Institute of Cardiology and Internal Diseases in Almaty, Kazakhstan benefitted from the experience of ISN Educational Ambassador Aimun Ahmed to improve kidney transplant treatment for patients.

Kazakhstan’s Scientific Research Institute of Cardiology and Internal Diseases is one of the only centers that offers kidney transplantation in the region. Arina Yespotayeva explains how the ISN Educational Ambassador visit helped nephrologists improve their knowledge about kidney transplantation.

According to Dr Yespotayeva, nearly 50% of patients with primary kidney failure live with a kidney transplant in Kazakhstan. Therefore, increasing kidney transplantation visibility and disseminating its knowledge may benefit the whole nephrological community.

Knowledge about kidney transplantation and current standard of practice varies between European countries and nephrologists. She believes that ‘objective, unbiased educational activities are helpful to further increase the post-transplant outcome for patients.’

ISN Educational Ambassador Aimun Ahmed, from the UK’s Royal Preston Hospital, Lancaster Teaching Hospital, says: ‘The emphasis was on the recognition of histological patterns in kidney transplantation, in combination with clinical symptoms in order to establish the diagnosis.

He adds: ‘We covered characteristic cases as well as more complex ones. In general, this course helped us to improve the level of knowledge in kidney transplantation.’

Dr Yespotayeva says: ‘We have now started working with British guidelines. The most rewarding experience was discussing more cases to obtain more accurate and informative diagnoses and offer more specific treatment to patients.

The ISN Educational Ambassador Program (EAP) provides ISN members and younger nephrologists with an invaluable opportunity for personal involvement in the society’s educational programs while enhancing the sense of global solidarity and awareness in the nephrology community.

Emerging centers who require the visit of an expert can either suggest someone they know already or ask the ISN Headquarters to match their request with an ISN Educational Ambassador qualified in the field of training required. ISN supports the Educational Ambassador to deliver high quality and relevant training for a period of one to four weeks.

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