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TPM workshop takes place in India

With support from an ISN-ANIO Program Scholar, the Kerala Network for Organ Sharing (KNOS) of India, in collaboration with Spain’s Donation and Transplantation Institute (DTI) organized a course on Transplant Procurement Management (TPM). It helped physicians gain fundamental knowledge on TPM and develop their professional competences as specialists in the field of organ donation.

This intermediate training course in Transplant Procurement Management (TPM) took place in Trivandrum, India from May 28 to 30, 2019.

As an ISN-ANIO Program Scholar, Dr. Noble Gracious helped arrange the workshop. In 2018, he completed a scholarship in renal transplantation at Stanford University School of Medicine in California (USA). One of his goals was to conduct training workshops for transplant and allied health professionals upon his return to India.

He explains: ‘The objective of the course was to provide participants with the fundamental knowledge, display the goals and sequence of actions to achieve organ recovery with optimal efficiency and provide participants with the scientific knowledge and technical skills to develop their professional competencies as specialists in the field of organ donation.’

The workshop was aimed at healthcare professionals, mainly physicians who are involved in any step of the donation-transplant process, transplant team members, and managers, particularly those who work in units where donors can be actively detected, including intensive care units, recovery, and emergency.

A team from DTI were onsite to teach the course, including Drs. Martí Manyalich, María Paula Gómez, Ignacio Martínez and Núria Masnou. Local faculty members included Drs. Noble Gracious, Zubair Umer Mohamed, Mohan Roy, Sasikala and Sudhindran.

The main goals were to provide a deeper understanding of TPM and conceptualize the objectives of the donation process, increase health professional knowledge and skills, raise public awareness regarding the importance of organ donation, and boost best practice exchange and the development of international networks.

Dr. Gracious states: ‘Learning methods consisted of theoretical lessons as well as practical sessions.’

The theoretical program included lectures on detection, identification and clinical evaluation of donors, brain death diagnosis, donor management, organ viability, family approach for organ donation, organ retrieval organization and preservation techniques, organ sharing and allocation criteria, and ethics and legislation.

He adds: ‘The practical sessions consisted of simulating each of the sequences that may appear in an organ procurement process. They were staged with suitable backgrounds.’

Overall, the TPM course set out to empower the trainees to implement leading practices in organ donation in their hospitals.

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