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ISN Academy launches the ISN RenPath quick case series

The ISN Academy is launching the ISN RenPath quick case series, an online educational program aimed at nephrologists and renal pathologists. From July 8, 2019, interact online with expert presenters and engage with other learners on a broad scope of cases relating to renal pathology. From cases of treated amyloid and progressive proteinuria to unusual histologic findings on protocol biopsy and more…

The ISN RenPath quick case series is aimed at nephrologists and pathologists. The first case will be presented by Vanesa Bijol, Chief of Renal Pathology and Associate Professor of Pathology at Hofstra University (USA) and Ibrahim Batal, Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology and Cell Biology at Columbia University Medical Center (USA).

The first case focuses on a patient with treated amyloid and progressive proteinuria. Start HERE.

More about ISN RenPath quick case series

ISN RenPath quick case series features interesting or challenging cases in nephrology practice. The featured cases will include native and transplant kidney biopsies, both adult and pediatric, with a variety of pathologic patterns of injury and clinical presentations.

The series offers access to one case published every Monday. The initial case lasts one to three minutes. A Q&A about each case will remain open on the ISN Academy message board for participants to discuss every week from Monday to Thursday. Follow-up recordings are also available every Friday.

Some discussions will revolve around the histopathologic features, classifications, or diagnostic challenges, while other cases will be interesting from the treatment and patient management aspects.

All cases available on ISN Academy include:

  • Case 1: Patient with treated amyloid and progressive proteinuria
  • Case 2: Patient with monoclonal IgA mesangial deposits
  • Case 3: A 44-year-old female with late allograft failure
  • Case 4: Patient presented with a kidney mass
  • Case 5: A 25-year-old, s/p kidney transplant, with unusual histologic findings on a protocol biopsy
  • Case 6: A 68-year-old with multiple myeloma and 8g/24h proteinuria.

Contact us at if you wish to present your own case on the ISN Academy.

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