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United Nations General Assembly 2019: An opportunity to move kidney health higher on the global policy agenda

Given the ISN’s core mission of advancing worldwide kidney health, it is essential that it has a presence and voice at those key events that are shape global health policy. Few organizations are as influential as the United Nations. From September 17–24, 2019, the UN will hold its General Assembly in New York. Here, it will discuss its priorities for the coming year.

A key topic – and one of particular interest to The ISN – is the issue of Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Already endorsed by WHO, UHC is designed to ensure that all individuals and communities have access to essential health services – promotion, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and palliation – without suffering financial hardship. It now forms part of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

On September 23, as part of the UN General Assembly, there will a High-Level Meeting dedicated to UHC. This will review progress to date and – importantly for The ISN – will set out the next steps to achieving UHC. For the first time, UN Member States plan to make a Political Declaration on UHC, confirming the commitment to this goal and providing guidelines for its delivery.

For the ISN, this High-Level Meeting represents a huge opportunity to progress its objective of advancing worldwide kidney health. Our President, Vivek Jha will take part, giving kidney health a voice at this pivotal event for global health. He will inform the assembled Ministers and Ambassadors on the importance of ensuring that kidney disease is an intrinsic part of future UHC plans. The ISN is the only kidney health organization invited to the meeting.

The Political Declaration on UHC will provide The ISN and other national & regional organisations with an invaluable tool in their future advocacy efforts, helping them hold national government to account on their commitments in this area.

To take full advantage of the many opinion leaders and opinion formers present for the UN General Assembly, The ISN is also co-hosting a high-level workshop entitled “Exploring Solutions For Multi-Morbidities Prevention And Control: The Case Of Circulatory Health”. ISN President, Vivek Jha, will be a keynote speaker on one of the two panel discussions. If you are in NYC you can register to the event by clicking here.

The meeting, held under the banner of the Coalition of Circulatory Health, has attracted participants from the World Heart Federation, the International Diabetes Federation, and the World Stroke organization. It will be a key element of The ISN efforts to push kidney disease up the pollical agenda.

You can follow developments at the United Nations General Assembly on the ISN Twitter feed (@ISNkidneycare) or by using the hashtag #UNGA

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