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ISN Online Curriculum on Intensive Care Nephrology Continues

Session two of the ISN Online Curriculum on Intensive Care Nephrology is now available on the ISN Academy.

In this session, the characteristic features of AKI due to acute tubular necrosis are reviewed. The learning objectives are:

  • to understand the pathophysiology of tubular epithelial cell injury and repair as well as the main renal hemodynamic changes encountered in ICU during shock, sepsis and mechanical ventilation
  • to know the diagnostic procedures for AKI diagnosis
  • to know the specificities of AKI due to sepsis, cytolytic drugs, and antibiotics
  • to recognize and treat AKI secondary to rhabdomyolysis and hemolysis

To illustrate these topics, two typical clinical cases are presented (one case of rhabdomyolysis, one case of vancomycin toxicity) with a discussion about therapeutic options and recommendations.

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