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Water is a forgotten nutrient. The ISN Academy is hosting Hydration For Health’s online courses. Hydration for Health is an initiative by Danone Nutricia Research which aims at raising public awareness on healthy hydration and encourage sustainable healthy hydration habits by sharing scientific research, educational materials, and practical tools.

The first course, “Hydration Basics”, focuses on basic knowledge of hydration with 4 presentations: water metabolism, the physiology of water homeostasis, hydration assessment methods and the pathophysiology of water. It’s led by Professor Ivan Tack M.D., Ph.D. Professor of Physiology, Head of the Clinical Physiology Department, Toulouse Medical School, Paul Sabatier University, France, (France) and Professor Stavros Kavouras, Ph.D, FACSM, FECSS (Professor of Nutrition at Arizona State University and Director of the Hydration Science Lab.

Learning objectives

  • To understand why water is a nutrient, and why it has been described as the forgotten nutrient.
  • To explain body water distribution and hormonal regulation.
  • To describe the hormonal profile of low water intake and how it impacts health.
  • To understand the use of different biomarkers in a laboratory or a free leaving condition
  • To cover the benefits and limitations of the blood urine biomarkers
  • To explain the use of urine color as a method hydration self-assessment in daily life.
  • To understand distribution and roles of water, osmotic pressure and cell volume regulation
  • To explain the renal action of AVP for water balance and discuss weather is renal water saving is a stress
  • To discuss optimal limits of hydration and fluid intake and study cases of low drinkers
  • To discuss the cost of the renal saving water

The second course, “Water and Fluid Intake” present the current dietary assessment methods, the results of the LiqIn7 database on fluid intake pattern in 13 countries and explores how to create an hydrogenic environment. It’s led by Dr. Joan Gandy Ph.D., RD, FBDA (UK), Freelance dietitian, UK Fellow of the British Dietetic Association, Hydration for Health Scientific Committee Member; Professor Homero Martinez, Ph.D. Micronutrient Forum,(Canada) ; and Dr. Isabelle Guelinckx, Ph.D., Msc, RD (former Fluid Intake Scientist, Danone Nutricia Research, France).

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand challenges when assessing fluid intake.
  • To familiarize with a validated methodology for assessing fluid intake
  • To understand how to make hydration part of your daily practice
  • To understand how to contribute to educating patients, understanding barriers and levers

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