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17TH International Congress of Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation Program Available to View at the ISN Academy

Below, Left to Right: 1. Mohsen Nafar (President of IrSN and Congress), 2. David Harris (Past-President of ISN),
3. Shahrzad Ossareh (Chair of Middle East Regional Board of ISN, Secretary General of IrSN),
4. Behrooz Broumand (Past President of IrSN), 5. Ghanbarali Raeisjalali (Iranian Nephrologist),
6. Mohammadali Shafiee (Iranian Nephrologist, Canada), 7. Jose Divino (Nephrologist, Brazil)

The Iranian Society of Nephrology (IrSN) hosted its 17th International Congress of Nephrology, Dialysis & Transplantation in Tabriz, in northwest Iran, from 19-22 November, 2019.

The conference was organized in collaboration with ISN, represented by Past President and current Chair of ISN Programs, David Harris, The International Pediatric Nephrology Association (IPNA), the Mayo Clinic Foundation, the Iranian Society of Pediatric Nephrology, and Tabriz University of Medical Sciences.

IrSN, one of the largest collective societies of ISN, has kept pace with the rapid progress in the science of nephrology and is well-placed to help build capacity in the field in neighbouring, emerging countries, and this is being progressively achieved.

Due to the disruption of internet services in Iran at the time of the Congress, the meeting was not live-streamed on the ISN website as planned. However, the full program is now accessible on the ISN Academy.

More photos are available here.

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