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Thirteen New Sister Center Programs Partnerships in 2020

ISN’s two Sister Centers Programs (SRC and ISN-TTS STC) link emerging renal and transplant centers with centers of excellence for long-term partnerships. The educational guidance provided by the supporting center over a six-year period aims to help the emerging center become self-sufficient and offer improved patient care.

In 2020, 13 new pairs (listed below) were approved by the ISN Sister Centers Program Committees to start a collaborative process, increasing the total number of centers that are currently active within the program to 63.

ISN is increasingly encouraging partnerships created within the same region where there is a shared understanding of language, culture, and any resource-related constraints; such regional collaborations are also more cost-effective for all partners. Graduating pairs are also encouraged to consider collaborating with a third center from the region to further enhance capacity in the locality.

Thanks to ISN’s alliance with The Transplantation Society, there is increasing support for centers willing to develop transplantation services.

The next round of applications for these programs closes on October 1. In order for applications to receive careful consideration, it is recommended that complete applications be submitted well in advance of the deadline date. Apply here:

ISN Sister Renal Centers Program:

ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centers Program:

13 new 2020 Partnerships:

  • SRC Albania-Germany
  • SRC Argentina-Argentina
  • SRC India-India1
  • SRC India-UK5
  • SRC Nigeria-Nigeria-USA4
  • SRC Samoa-New Zealand
  • SRC Sri Lanka-UK2
  • SRC Uganda-USA
  • SRC Uzbekistan-Russia-Finland
  • SRC Vietnam-UK5
  • ISN-TTS STC Argentina-USA
  • ISN-TTS STC India-UK1
  • ISN-TTS STC Sri Lanka-Spain
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