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Advance Kidney Health in your Region: Apply for an ISN Fellowship

The deadline for the next round of Fellowship applications is May 1, 2020.

The ISN Fellowship Program offers nephrology training to physicians from low-resource countries and provides a valuable opportunity to grow professionally and to improve kidney healthcare in emerging countries by becoming established leaders in the field. A recent article outlines the significant results that are attainable through the program.

Read the guidelines and apply here.

To facilitate hands-on training experiences and benefit from similar cultural and linguistic environments, the ISN will prioritize candidates applying to train in a Host Center from their home region.

All Fellowship applicants must establish a training plan in collaboration with the Host Mentor reflecting the skills and knowledge required by their Home Institution to be implemented at their home clinic.

Candidates who wish to train in all aspects of nephrology or apply for long-term training (six months or more) have a greater chance of success if hands-on training is secured. If candidates are unable to obtain hands-on experience, they are advised to apply with a well-designed, short-term (up to 6 months) training program enabling them to achieve specific goals in an observer role.

For any enquiries concerning your application please contact

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