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Apia Hospital in Samoa

Stepping up Nephrology Care in Samoa

Apia Hospital in SamoaAn ISN Continuing Medical Education (CME) course took place in Samoa as part of an initiative to strengthen ties between the ISN, the Asia Pacific Society of Nephrology (ASPN), the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology (ANZSN), and the National Kidney Foundation Samoa (NKFS).

The aim was to provide valuable training to local doctors and nurses and to create opportunities for improved renal care in the region.

The course, held at Apia Hospital, highlighted the importance of assessing AKI early on, managing and screening CKD patients, treatment options for ESKD, and dialysis and transplantation. It was well-attended by hospital medical and nursing staff, medical students, local general practitioners, and NKFS members.

Discussions held in parallel to the CME meeting centered on the 0by25 initiative and the already-active ISN Sister Renal Center partnership between hospitals in Fiji and Australia.

The ongoing collaboration between the ISN, the APSN, the ANZSN, and Samoa intends to address the growing burden of CKD, as well as the increasing demand for preventative renal healthcare programs, education and training in the region.

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