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2020: A Year to Reflect on and Commemorate Sixty Years of Advancing Kidney Health Worldwide

Initiatives to mark the ISN’s 60th anniversary took place throughout the year.

In January, two new series focusing on influential research papers were launched. The Insight newsletter presented Kidney International’sMilestones in Nephrology” series, a monthly highlighting of five influential papers on critical topics in nephrology over the last few decades. The Breakthrough articles, developed by the ISN Research Working Group in collaboration with the ISN Young Nephrologist Committee, presented  60 + 1 globally representative narratives outlining discoveries of significance to the nephrology community. These too were published each month.

Insight highlighted the impact ISN granting programs has on improving kidney health in emerging countries by presenting in-depth articles on their work.

Readers could also enjoy a synopsis of ISN’s six decades of history on the ISN Timeline and test their own ISN general knowledge through the anniversary quiz.

In June, John Feehally, former ISN President, presented an account of ISN’s most recent decade, ISN History: A unique role in global nephrology: The International Society of Nephrology 2011-2020.”

He outlined an exciting decade for ISN, which saw an increase in the range and impact of its many global activities in education and training, research, and advocacy, enhancing its role as the leading professional organization in global nephrology.

Celebrating 60 years of service, the ISN welcomed the future with the launch of a fresh new logo, website, and membership platform (MYISN) in September, providing ISN members with a fast, easy to navigate, user-friendly online experience. This proved to be all the more relevant as virtual activities increased alongside the coronavirus pandemic.

The new logo symbolizes the ISN’s worldwide vision, diverse initiatives, and commitment to advancing global kidney care, which we look forward to continuing in 2021.

Following the launch of these initiatives, the ISN is asking for feedback from its membership community on their online experiences through a short user survey. All feedback will be analyzed and accommodated in due time.

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