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Expanding the International Nephrology Community in 2020

In 2020, the ISN welcomed seven new Collective-Member Societies and three new Affiliated Societies

New Collective-Member Societies

ISN Collective-Member Societies are tailor-made partnerships that benefit individual members as well as the Collective Society. By partnering with the ISN in this way, the Collective-Member Society increases its membership and presence within the ISN and globally. New partnerships were formed with the following Collective-Member Societies during 2020:

  • The Panamanian Society of Nephrology and Hypertension (SPNH)
  • The Kenya Renal Association (KRA)
  • The Peruvian Association of Vascular Access (APDAV)
  • The Guatemalan Association of Nephrology (AGN) Collective Societies
  • The Malaysian Society of Nephrology (MSN)e
  • The Korean Society of Nephrology (KSN)
  • The Renal Association of Mauritius

Our new collective-member societies join the Brazilian Society of Nephrology (SBN) and the Colombian Society of Nephrology and Arterial Hypertension (CSNAH), which became collective societies in 2019, expanding the ISN global community. ISN is also working with CMA-CSN (China) and PERNEFRI (Indonesia) to welcome them as collective-member societies in 2021.

New Affiliated Societies

An ISN Affiliated Society is a national or regional society that provides membership benefits to advance nephrology in a specific country or region. The following societies became affiliated to the ISN during 2020:

We welcome them to the ISN network of over 100 national and regional Affiliated Societies reaching more than 20,000 healthcare professionals active in the field of nephrology.

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