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Bringing healing into focus

Why do some patients receiving hemodialysis remain cheerful, hopeful, outward-looking, and enjoy a rich life, while others suffer debilitating depression and other emotional problems? Can whatever makes some patients more resilient be “bottled” and given to those less resilient to help them?

These are the questions that Chris McIntyre, professor of medicine, medical biophysics, and pediatrics at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, and director of The Lilibeth Caberto Kidney Clinical Research Unit, Ontario, will explore in his talk at WCN’21.

In what must be one of the more unusual research projects, Prof. McIntyre will describe how he gave patients cameras to photograph their lives. What they chose to photograph, why, and the effects of documenting their everyday existence provided revealing insights for the researchers. This inter-faculty project involved collaboration with colleagues from the Department of Visual Arts at the university.

Visit the Renal Community Photo Initiative website to find out more.

Professor Chris McIntyre: “The photo project – improving patient-focused outcomes considering the resilience of patients.” Theme Symposium: What’s important to me? Patients’ priorities when living with ESKD, Sunday 17 April, 12.30-14.00 hrs Montréal (Canada) time.

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