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ISN Joins GCCH in Raising Awareness of Circulatory Diseases

The ISN, alongside its partners in the Global Coalition for Circulatory Health (GCCH), contributed to MediaPlanet’s cardiovascular health campaign with the article “Circulatory diseases – a growing global problem,” to be published in the Guardian newspaper.

Read the article here from tomorrow, March 30.

Circulatory diseases are the world’s leading cause of disability and death and strongly affect quality of life, placing a heavy financial burden on individuals and health systems.

Together, kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke lead to more than 20 million deaths yearly and more than 374 million years of life lost. Coordinated action to reduce risk factors can result in significant gains in patients’ quality of life and cost savings for society.

The need to address circulatory diseases has become increasingly urgent as the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted people living with circulatory diseases, placing them at an even higher risk of poor health outcomes than before the pandemic.

In the face of this health emergency, a strategic global response is essential to provide people living with circulatory diseases with the necessary support to access and treatment.

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