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Pseudoscience, Risk Scores, Oxygen Sensing Mechanisms, and Gender Propaganda: WCN’21 Plenary Topics Presented by World-class Experts

Connect with an extraordinary group of experts at WCN’21:

Battling pseudoscience in the age of misinformation.

Professor Timothy Caulfield on tackling pseudoscience and misinformation in the age of COVID.

“Polygenic Risk Scores – Are They Ready for Translation to Clinical Practice?”

Professor David Hunter on whether polygenic risk scores can help disease prevention and prognosis.

Understanding Cellular Oxygen Sensing Mechanisms: Implications for Medicine.”

Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe on an unfashionable area of research that led to a Nobel Prize-winning discovery.

“Sex and Gender in Nephrology: Proper Care or Propaganda?”

Professor Sofia Ahmed on the impact of sex and gender on treatment and outcomes for kidney disease.

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