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ISN Supports Call for Action to EU Commissioner to Reduce the Burden of CKD

Earlier this year, the European Kidney Health Alliance (EKHA) and the European Kidney Patients’ Federation (EKPF) had a meeting with the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Ms. Stella Kyriakides. They presented EKHA’s call-to-action (CTA) to improve prevention, treatment, and care of CKD in the aftermath of COVID-19 and discuss EU priorities for the delivery of a strong European Health Union for patients living with kidney disease.

As a full member of the EKHA, the ISN helped draft the CTA, which the Commissioner strongly welcomed. The ISN will play a key role in implementing EKHA’s sustainable and cost-effective CTA to:

  • Increase efforts to prevent CKD.
  • Collect and share data on CKD at the EU level.
  • Promote home therapies, transplantation, and the uptake of digital tools.
  • Prioritize research and innovation in Kidney Replacement Therapy in the EU.

Ms. Kyriakides expressed her interest in supporting the work done by the ISN and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations (IFKF) through World Kidney Day awareness-raising activities highlighting the severity and prevalence of CKD as a social and economic burden to patients and society within Europe.

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