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Sister Renal Centers’ Workshop – Supporting Partnerships Worldwide

Some of the participants at the SRC Workshop on May 20, 2021

The Sister Renal Centers (SRC) Committee held a workshop for SRC pairs currently at level A or B on the SRC Program on Thursday, May 20, 2021. SRC Committee Chairs Marcelo Orias and Chih-Wei Yang hosted the workshop attended by 22 SRC partnerships and 55 participants.

The workshop provided a platform for SRC pairs – partnerships between emerging and supporting health centers – to receive support and encouragement from a network of health care professionals confronting similar challenges and working toward the same goals.

Four SRC pairs were invited to present their activities in more detail, describing creative problem-solving and best practices during pandemic conditions. Highlights included:

SRC Nigeria-UK: Supported the emerging center to upgrade their digital technology. Held online, hands-on teaching on central venous catheter insertion via zoom, using a smartphone when necessary.

 SRC Sri Lanka-USA: An online workshop on peritoneal dialysis reaching rural centers for whom in-person activities would have been inaccessible. The centers currently produce educational videos in local languages for patients.

SRC Nepal-UK: Consultants at the supporting center present weekly online teaching sessions on renal health to nurses and doctors at the emerging center.

SRC Guatemala-USA: All pre-pandemic planned activities were converted to virtual format, allowing them to reach a more significant audience in central America than anticipated.

The SRC partnerships are keen to increase online seminars and workshops to ensure continued progress within the program.

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