Named Lectures

Named Lectures are presented by renowned speakers at the annual World Congress of Nephrology (WCN). The WCN Scientific Program Working Group selects speakers based on their valuable contribution to nephrology and related fields. The talks presented are relevant to the themes of the WCN program.

The Claude Amiel Lecture has featured at WCN since the 1990s. Dr. Amiel [1930-1996] was a distinguished clinician-scientist who made significant academic contributions in nephrology. He served the ISN with distinction for more than 20 years, notably as Secretary-General and Vice-President.

Dr. Seldin [1920-2018] was a distinguished clinician-scientist who made major academic contributions in nephrology and served the ISN with distinction, including as a former President.

Dr. Hebert [1946-2008] was a distinguished nephrologist whose research led to the development of a new class of drugs to modulate calcium-sensing receptor activity.

Long-standing ISN members, Dr. Barry Brenner, and Dr. John Dirks founded the ISN GO programs (formerly COMGAN, the Commission for the Global Advancement of Nephrology). These programs further ISN’s vision to expand the science and practice of kidney care throughout the developing world through education and training. The Brenner/Dirks GO Lecture is therefore awarded to a distinguished scientist whose research has the far-reaching potential to transform the global practice of medicine.

Over the last 50 years, Dr. Cameron has played an influential role in the development of all aspects of kidney care: best practice, patient care, research, and teaching.

Dr. de Wardener [1915-2013], an expert in the treatment of kidney disease and a pioneer of dialysis treatment, performed the UK’s first kidney biopsies. He helped establish key kidney health societies both in the UK and internationally. He was an ISN founding member and former ISN President.