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How does the ISN meet the challenge of presenting the latest complex ideas in easy-to-understand nuggets of information?

Discover the @ISNeducation Social Media Team and the ISN WCN Social Media Team.

ISN WCN Social Media Team

Over the past decade, Social Media (SoMe) platforms have become increasingly popular to disseminate information from medical conferences. Twitter has become a notably favored platform for nephrologists to share content.

To ensure comprehensive coverage of congress lectures and presentations across SoMe platforms, a SoMe Task Force (SMTF) was created by the ISN at the World Congress of Nephrology (WCN) in Mexico in April 2017.

Now known as ISN WCN SoMe teams, these groups are created for all subsequent congress. The WCN’20 SoMe team has widely diffused scientific material from the WCN’20 congress program, which couldn’t take place due to COVID-19 restrictions.

@ISNeducation Team

After evaluating the work of the SoMe Task Force SMTF, the ISN decided to adopt its mission of providing comprehensive coverage of congress programs and activities as a core feature of its educational platform.

The Social Media Task Force metamorphosed into the @ISNeducation Social Media Team and is now a component of the ISN Education Working Group.

Composed of both original SMTF members and new educators from around the world, @ISNeducation continues to present the latest complex ideas in an accessible way through a variety of social media platforms.

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